50 Slimming Sessions DIY Tummy Trimmer at only $188

50 Slimming Sessions DIY Tummy Trimmer at only $199

Step 1 Apply cold Aroma Slimming Cream on the spot area
Step 2 Glide Cryo on the treated area for 15 minutes
Step 3 Use cling wrap to cover treated area, then followed by  EXPS Thermal Blanket for better circulation. Set the temperature and treatment duration (about 30 mins) until you perspire

Step 1: EXPS Aroma Slimming Cream
Expertly blended - Toning & firming massage cream with premium quality
Exps Aroma Slimming Cream help to tone the flabby skin as well as to combat fatigue and stress. This special formulation has great properties that are able to detoxify, anti cellulite, lipolysis slimming and contour the body.
1930's & 40's film stars used Grapefruit and Juniper as their secret beauty for slimming treatments. Excellent for daily used during day and night, good for blood circulation, deep tissue massage, thermal blanket or in conjunction with other slimming treatments.
Non-invasive, non-surgical, painless, no downtime liposuction procedure. 
How Exps Aroma Slimming Cream works:
  • Detoxification and eliminate toxins
    Effectively get rid of harmful substances or waste materials from your body
  • Slimming and helps in lymphatic drainage 
    Remove excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up, prevent accumulation of fatty tissues under the skin

  • Firming of sagging skin 
    Tone, contour and tighten your muscle to prevent flabbiness and slackness

  • Reduce stretch mark
    Diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissues, help to nourish and soften dry or damaged skin
Active Ingredients:
Exps Aroma Slimming Cream
- Lavandula angustifolia  (Lavender)
Calm & balancing, relax & refresh, soothe, scar mark and heals damage skin (stretch mark).
- Citrus limonum (Lemon)
Antioxidant, uplifting, improve circulation, eliminate waste, slimming. Has been believed to help increase metabolism rate and has ability to control sweet craving.
- Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange)
Get rid of bloated tummy, antioxidant, anti-depressant. Other formulation for detox, diuretic (water retention) and aid in weight loss.
- Vitus vinifera (Grapeseed)
Stimulate skin tissue regeneration. Has a very light texture thus easily absorbed by the skin. Moisture, tone, firm and tighten the skin, at the same time reducing skin swelling. 
- Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit)
Stimulate lymphatic system and thereby cleansing the body of toxins. Positive effect on obesity with diuretic properties - help to remove water retention and treat cellulite.
- Juniperus communis (Juniper)
Help with digestive system, especially for people with obesity, over-indulgence of food or premenstrual bloating.
EXPS Lavender Slimming Massage Oil contain a very potent blend of natural fruit oils that helps to break down excess fat and stubborn cellulite build-up. This combination of oil acts as a diuretic which helps to minimize water retention in the body.
How to use:
  • For massage purpose: Can be used for full body or specific areas massage.
  • For body care purpose: Apply with broad circular movements all over the body. Finish by kneading between thumb and index finger, rolling the skin from thumb to index. 
  • For slimming purpose: Apply on problem areas such as tummy, thigh or love handle and use cling fling wrap for an hour. After the wrap, use thick blanket to cover your body for effective circulation.

  • Apply in the morning and evening for effective result.
  • Drink up to 3 litres of water for effective cleansing. 
  • Works in conjunction with Exps Cryo Auto-Fat Freezing & Skin Rejuvenation Probes and Exps Thermal Blanket for a more effective weight loss result

Texture: Cream based
Size: 250ml
Origins: Made in Australia

Step 2 CRYO Auto-Fat Freezing & Skin Rejuvenation Probes
  • Non-invasive procedure: You can continue daily activities and physical exercise immediately after the treatment.
  • Painless: You will not  perceive annoyances or inconvenience during the procedure.
  • Safe: The cooling only hits fat cells leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed and intact.
  • No messy treatment:  Easily performed at home or even travelling.
  • Excellent results: After only 1-2 weeks, an almost complete reduction of fat in areas treated and an improvement of weight loss will be noticed if you work in conjunction with a well balance diet. 
The benefits of ice
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Penetration of formulation/ampoules deeper into the skin 
  • Improve the skin tone and reduce stretch mark 
  • Regulate the cellular request for oxygen 
Can be used for skin rejuvenation too
  • Slimming – fat and water reduction 
  • Firming – tone sagging skin 
  • Stretch marks improvement 
  • Wrinkles and anti aging improvement 
  • Lifting effect 

Step 3 EXPS Thermal Blanket
Extra easy weight loss at the comfort of your own without strenuous exercise! 
EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt utilizes the principle of using infrared heat to burn off fat or break down the accumulation of fat decomposition around your waist or love handles. It warms the body from the inside to give biological cell viability, increase the circulation of body fluid and blood, improve skin vitality, as well as acting as a supplementary treatment for chronic inflammation (eg rheumatoid, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar muscle strain) and relieving muscle pain and fatigue at the same time.
  • No tiring exercise
  • No downtime
  • No medication
  • No starving
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
8 Health Benefits:
Improve lymphatic drainage & lymphatic detoxification
Eliminate and drain out all unwanted toxin such as starchy and high fat food from the body. Effective detoxification also helps in boosting tissue regeneration and preventing edema and swelling.
Promote blood circulation & accelerate metabolism
Having good blood circulation and metabolism rate are very important for your heart and body’s muscles and arteries. EXPS Far Infrared technology can actually move blood through congested areas and carry metabolic waste away from internal organs, resulting in better body function and lower blood pressure.
Relieve stress
The warmth feeling created by the slimming belt helps to relieve tension and relax your body and mind. Feel refresh and recharge after one round of perspiration just like you have just done your sauna using EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt.
Body shaping 
EXPS Slimming Belt will produce Far Infrared which able to break down fat into smaller pieces. This will effectively reduce cellulite, fatty deposits and fluid retention in your body, giving you a slimmer and firmer body figure with a better contoured abdominal muscle.
You don’t have to exert yourself through physical exercise. Using EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt save you the trouble heading to gym but you will still able to reap the great benefits of full body workout. Wear the slimming belt even when you are sitting watching TV, lying on the bed, cooking in the kitchen, doing some house cleaning or when you are surfing internet.
Physical therapy to relieve muscle pain, inflammation and nerve disease
The Infrared technology will give out topical warmth which helps to sooth muscle spasms, aches and pains as well as fatigue created by the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle. It can also be used to ease chronic inflammation such as rheumatism and arthritis on body areas like knee, hands, legs, shoulder and so on. Some people will also use slimming belt to correct body posture too.
Protect uterus & ovary
EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt helps to keep warmness and dispel coldness around uterus and ovary to ensure smooth blood circulation that will relieve symptoms like menstrual pain or cramps.
Safe, no side effect
No medications require and you will not have to worry side effects like stomach upset after taking pills. Enjoy the benefits of weight loss without going through any surgery or having to ingest anything. Suitable for everyone to use.
What is Far Infrared Technology?
Far Infrared (FIR) Technology helps to stimulate cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability to restore the proper function of the nervous system. Far Infrared energy can be absorbed very easily by the human body and helps in all aspects of bodily growth and development. The body has its own mechanism for producing FIR which promotes healing and cellular repair. When the body is exposed to Far Infrared rays our healing processes are stimulated and our body’s own repair responses are activated restoring function and detoxifying from heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.
Due to today’s high levels of stress and toxicity the body’s natural ability to heal, is often compromised. Some of us have reached critical stress and/or toxic levels and we do not have the energy to detoxify or repair our bodies.  The internal production of Far Infrared energy that normally occurs within our tissues and is associated with a variety of healing responses will respond to the boost given by Far Infrared Rays. The Far Infrared Rays will be selectively absorbed by those tissues needing a boost in their output. So for healing and detoxification to occur successfully we often require a boost of Far Infrared energy to maximise healing responses. Thermal energy will rise, tissues will become more active and the pace of metabolism will increase. It is almost like re-charging the body’s battery.
The intensity of Far Infrared energy produced by the human body constantly fluctuates.  When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments.  When the Far Infrared energy levels begin to decline, we are subject to attacks of illness and tend to age more quickly. Far Infrared Rays help to rid the body of chemicals and pollutants, rejuvenates the cells, tissues and organs of the body thus facilitating a return to health.
Health and medical professionals in Japan (and more recently in Canada) have been using far infrared thermal systems to rehabilitate and treat a multitude of ailments for the last 14 years.
EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt is best for:
  • Working adults
  • Post natal mother
  • People who want to be fit & healthy
  • People who are stress and tension
  • People who lack of exercise
  • People who want to ease muscle pain or chronic inflammation
EXPS Far Infrared Thermal Slimming Belt can be used on:
  • Waist
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Knee
  • Hand
  • Legs
  • Upper thigh
  • Lower thigh
  • Shoulders
  • And many more! 
How to use:
  • Wrap the thermal blanket on the spot area that you which to treat (either for skin care or for weight loss).
  • Insert the plug into the power outlet.
  • Controller is divided into high and low temperature multi-stage options. When the small red light illuminates, the blanket is in the state of heat, wait for 3-5 minutes for a constant temperature condition. Use the blanket about 10 minutes to start sweating in the heat condition, the usage time should not exceed 45 minutes.
  • After use, please unplug the power. 
  • After applying slimming cream, use a cling wrap or towel to wrap over the treatment area before put on the thermal blanket
  • Do not fold and crumple the thermal blanket
  • Do not use within one hour after having meal
  • Do not drink or eat when in use
  • When the thermal blanket is not in used, unplug the power plug
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, a pace-maker or people having metallic implants in bone, patient within 6 months of surgery, patient with kidney failure  or on dialysis and women with menorrahgia (excessive bleeding) or during menstrual period. Do consult doctor for more advice
  • People with high blood pressure or heart disease should use with care
Maintenance and cleaning:
When you have finished using the slimming belt, spread the belt flat until cool. You can clean it with a damp cloth and then placed in a dry place to dry. Do not iron, soak in water, expose to sunlight and use detergent, bleach or soap to wash.
Current: AC current (CE certified)
Rated voltage: AC220V / AC110V
Power: 50W
Size: 115cm x 25cm
Weight: 450g
Material: PU surface
Heating mode: 8 modes
Working duration: Switch off automatically after 50 mins of working
Temperature: 34℃ to 75℃

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